Celebrating Young Black Authors - Gabrielle O. Starkes

Through the month of February, we are honored to be introducing you to some of our community’s youngest authors.
First up, our Read Around the City February Reading Night author and reader, 11 year old Gabrielle O. Starkes!
Gabrielle O. Starkes is a youth entrepreneur and philanthropist from Orlando, FL. She’s the owner of GO! Bubbles®, an earth-friendly skincare company for kids ages 3-13. She created her company using plant-based ingredients because she believes the next generation of kids will take extra care of the only place we live.
Gabrielle is the author of “Gabrielle and the Magic Tree” and “Gabrielle and the Magic Tree Coloring and Activity Book”. Gabrielle wrote this book because she wants everyone, especially kids, to understand the importance of caring for our earth. You’ll enjoy reading about Tia teaching Gabrielle how trees make oxygen, how they provide food and homes for animals, and how they make the world look beautiful.
Gabrielle Olivia wants to become a pediatrician so she can help kids feel better. Until that time comes, she loves being an everyday kid enjoying school, movies, sports, music, and reading! One of her favorite author’s is Crystal Swain-Bates.
Check out Gabrielle’s local business, GO Bubbles Soap and plan to come meet her at our February reading night at Pretty In Pink Tea Room on February 16th!

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