Are your soaps all natural?

Yes, the base of our soap is all natural and made from plants. 

Do you use essential oils or synthetic fragrances?

We create our fragrances using high quality essential oils and our synthetic fragrances are phthalate free. We specify fragrances with essential oils with E.O. We try our best to keep our products clean and free from many of the harmful synthetic chemicals which are typically found in mass and commercially produced body care products.

What about your colors?

We use cosmetic grade liquid pigments and micas/oxides.

Are your products chemical free?

Simply put, nothing is "chemical" free; air and water are chemicals.  We strive to use earth sustainable/biodegradable ingredients for our products. To keep natural bacteria and fungus from forming in products, some preservatives are absolutely necessary.  This is especially true for products that contain water. Many of our products do not contain water and are preservative free.  

How do I make my products last?

It's important to always use clean hands/fingers when using certain products. This reduces the possibility of contamination.  

Are your products ready to ship the day I order?

Many products are handmade to order making them pure and fresh when you receive your order.  We strive to have all orders made and processed within three business days from the date of order, except holidays and weekends.  If there are any delays, you will be notified.  When you place an order, a status of the order is emailed to you letting you know when it is pending, completed and shipped. Payment must clear before products are completed and shipped.