Meet Gabrielle

girl holding soap

Meet Gabrielle Olivia! She began her business in 2018 at 6 years old. She's the chief executive and creative officer for GO! Bubbles®. Gabrielle Olivia is energetic, caring, intuitive, and wise beyond her 9 years! She watched her mom make natural and low-chemical skincare products for adults. So, she decided to make soaps for kids that are fun to use and kind to the environment!

Gabrielle Olivia is also a GaBBY Girl Boss! She's an independent seller of GaBBY Bows - The Double Face Double Snap Barrette. They're guaranteed to not fall out of your hair! As a member of the Mommy and Me Entrepreneurship Academy, Gabrielle and her mom are learning how young girls can become entrepreneurs, gain confidence, develop speaking skills, and form a stronger daughter and mother bond. 

Gabrielle Olivia wants to become a pediatrician so she can help kids feel better. Until that time comes,  she loves being an every day kid enjoying school, movies, sports, dance, taekwondo, and reading! 

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